Porterbuilt 1973-87 C10 Front Dropmember - Level 1 Mild, Coilover


The 1973-87 Chevy Pickup Front Dropmember suspension system is designed to replace the factory cross-member and steering system. It is engineered as a modular bolt-in unit that requires no welding.
When combined with a 2.5” drop spindle, 29” tall tire, and Porterbuilt Tubular Control Arms, the Level 1 Front will set the bottom of the cab approximately 7-8" off of the ground at ride height.

Ride Height - 7-8"


1973-87 Dropmember Level 1 Front Coilover

The Porterbuilt Version 7 Dropmember sets the standard of quality and precision in the C10 suspension market. The Version 7 Dropmember is engineered as a modular, bolt-in unit that requires absolutely no welding or fabrication. The Level 1 Mild will set the bottom of the cab approximately 7-8" off the ground at ride height, while providing improved suspension geometry and handling.


  • Revised suspension geometry for improved performance and ride quality
  • Rack and pinion steering for increased steering response
  • Proper wheel center-line placement (sets the wheel center-line in the middle of the wheel well opening for a more balanced look)
  • Narrowed trac-width (Level 1 narrows the trac-width approx. 0.25” per side)
  • Added ground clearance over factory components


When combined with a 2.5” drop spindle, 29” tall tire, and Porterbuilt Tubular Control Arms, the Level 1 Front will set the bottom of the cab approximately 7-8" off of the ground at ride height.

The Version 7 Dropmember is ONLY compatible with Porterbuilt Tubular Control Arms.

LS Engine requires the use of an F-Body oil pan. Click here for part #'s: F-Body Oil Pans

Does NOT come powdercoated. All parts come raw.

Designed to be paired with the Dropmember Level 1 Rear.

Kit Includes

  • Dropmember (Front Crossmember)
  • Components - Inner Truss, Upper Hats (Upper Coilover Mounts)
  • Grade 8 Hardware

Upgrades & Add-on Items

  • Motor Mounts
  • Upper & Lower Control Arms (Required)
  • Ball Joints
  • Rack & Pinion Hardware (Required)
  • Steering Rack & Linkage
  • Ridetech HQ or TQ Coilovers
  • Transmission Crossmember
  • Sway Bar

Options & Upgrades

Porterbuilt Motor Mounts (required)

Porterbuilt motor mounts bolt directly to the block and include all hardware necessary for installation. Available in a variety of configurations:
Small Block Chevy, SBC
Big Block Chevy, BBC

Porterbuilt Tubular Control Arms (required)

Porterbuilt tubular control arms are built using thick-wall DOM tubing and CNC cut 3/16 pickeled plate steel. All bushing pivot tubes and ball joint cups are TIG welded.

Rack & Pinion

Unisteer Rack & Pinion kits have everything you need to switch over to a standard ratio rack & pinion. Available in power or manual. Don't forget to add hoses and steering linkage.

CPP Rack & Pinon kits are a budget friendly solution without sacrificing quality.

Rack & Pinion Hardware (required)

The rack and pinion hardware kit connects the steering rack to the Dropmember and tie rod ends to the spindles. Includes billet rack mount bushings, high-quality rod ends, mis-alignment spacers, and custom machined tie rod adjuster sleeves.

Coilover Kits

Ridetech Handling Quality (“HQ”) Coilover Series - The HQ coil-over allows the driver to tune and adjust the shock performance and/or ride quality at the turn of a knob located on the shock body. The HQ series is a rebound single adjustable shock.

Ridetech Track Quality (“TQ”) Coilover Series - The TQ coilover has a single rebound adjustment and a DUAL stage [high speed and low speed] compression adjustment. It uses a remote reservoir that is connected with a 30" braided line for easy installation in a variety of installation applications.

Sway Bar

This 1.25″ OD sway bar is manufactured by Porterbuilt, and is available for factory crossmember and Dropmember equipped trucks. It includes all mounting hardware necessary.

Spindles & Brakes

CPP 2" Modular Drop Spindles - One-piece nodular iron design with pressed in alloy steel axle pin; installs with no modifications; allows early years to update to larger bearing. Lowers your truck 2" without moving the wheels out.

CPP Modular™ Drop Spindle Wheel Kits - Available in 5 or 6 lug, comes with 2" drop spindles, 12" drilled and slotted rotors, and Wilwood D52 calipers.

Wilwood C10 ProSpindle is specifically designed for use with Wilwood's disc brake kits, with a 2.5" drop for a more aggressive stance without affecting steering geometry. Constructed from a a proprietary grade of forged aluminum.

Wilwood Forged Narrow Superlite 6R Big Brake Front Brake Kit (Hub) - Billet forged six-piston calipers with 13" or 14” rotors deliver the ultimate combination for braking power and style. These kits require the use of 18” and larger wheels. Only available for 5 lug applications.

Porterbuilt Transmission Crossmember

Porterbuilt transmission crossmembers are built using thick-wall 1.5" OD tubing and CNC cut 3/16 pickeled plate steel. Includes the necessary grade 8 hardware for installation.
An Energy Suspension transmission mounts is necessary. We recommend one of the two below for GM transmissions:
Energy Suspension 3.1108G GM Transmission Mount
Energy Suspension 3.1158G GM Transmission Mount - Short

Tech Information

We recommend a 2-piece driveshaft for all Level 2 Dropmember kits.

All Dropmember kits require the use of a 30" steering column.

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