Porterbuilt 1963-72 C10 Rear Dropmember - Level 1 Mild, Airbag


The Dropmember Rear modular suspension system is designed to replace the factory components and improve ride quality, performance, aesthetics, and strength.


Ride Height - 7"
Deflated Height - 3"

1963-72 Dropmember Level 1 Rear Airbag

The Dropmember Level 1 Rear is a modular suspension system designed to replace the factory components and improve ride quality, performance, aesthetics, and strength. It is available in a trailing arm configuration. Ride height measures approx. 7” when running a 30” tall tire, and deflated height is approx. 3” (measurements are taken from bottom of the frame rail under the cab to the ground).

Designed to be paired with the Porterbuilt Dropmember Level 1 Front.


  • Revised suspension geometry for improved performance and ride quality
  • Added ground clearance over factory components


When running a 30” tall tire, the Level 1 Rear will set the lowest point of the factory frame rails approximately 3" off of the ground when fully deflated. Ride height is approximately 7" off the ground.

The Version 7 Dropmember is ONLY compatible with Porterbuilt Tubular Control Arms.

Does NOT come powdercoated. All parts come raw.

Designed to be paired with our Dropmember Level 1 Front.

Kit Includes

  • Trailing arm crossmember
  • Trailing arms
  • Modular bolt-in notch assembly
  • Lower bag and shock mounting brackets
  • Panhard bar
  • Grade 8 Hardware

Upgrades & Add-on Items

  • Dominator 2600 Airbags
  • Shocks
  • Porterbuilt Rear Frame Crossmember, Tubular or Boxed
  • Porterbuilt Inner Frame Stiffener

Options & Upgrades


Air Lift Dominator D2600 airbag kit includes 2 airbags plus hardware (fittings are not included). The Dominator D2600 features an unprecedented maximum restrained pressure of 600 psi, 9.7″ usable stroke, and a load range of 349-3055 lbs. This bad boy will give you the performance you crave. With more lift, a softer, smoother ride, and the lowest price in the industry, you can’t go wrong with the Dominator D2600!

Shock Kits

KYB Excel-G gas shocks and struts rely on velocity-sensitive valving to respond to changing road conditions for a smooth, comfortable ride. They feature sintered-iron pistons and guide rods for strength, hard-chrome piston rods for added durability, and seamless cylinders and eyerings that eliminate the typical weak points. Excel-G shocks and struts also have a patented check valve to minimize foaming and aeration and maintain control under tough conditions.

Ridetech HQ Series Shocks - The HQ (handling quality) Series shocks adds rebound adjustment for the driver who wants to tune ride quality AND handling quality to their specific taste. A wide rebound adjustment range allows you to cruise down the road in plush comfort or firm up your suspension for those Saturday morning canyon roads!

Rear Frame Crossmember

Porterbuilt Tubular Rear Frame Crossmember is an ideal replacement for that factory crossmember. Built from thick wall tubing and 3/16" steel this rear frame crossmember adds some strength between the rear frame rails. It fits perfect with a rear mounted fuel tank from Boyd!

Also available in a "boxed" version, fabricated from 3/16" steel featuring the PBFAB logo.

Inner Frame Stiffener

Porterbuilt's new Boxed Inner Frame Stiffener is designed to strengthen and reinforce your frame and is an ideal solution for LS swapped trucks. The IFS incorporates adjustable transmission and trailing arm mounts to make installation easy.

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